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Power of attorney for a car

Power of attorney for a car

Power of attorney for a car allows the legal owner of the car to transfer to another person (trustee) the right to unlimited use of the car or the right to perform limited actions, for example, only to drive the car.

General power of attorney

General power of attorney for a car – a legal instrument that is used in Ukraine not only as a means of transferring the authority to use a car, but also as an opportunity to transfer the car to another person without signing a sales contract (selling a car by proxy).


The following documents will be required to issue a power of attorney for a car:

  • passport of the car owner;
  • vehicle owner identification code;
  • vehicle registration certificate (car technical passport).

For the execution of some powers of attorney, for example, for driving a car, buying a car and some other types of powers of attorney, the notary only needs to provide the passport and the proxy code.

When issuing any type of power of attorney for a vehicle, the owner of the car can provide data about the authorized person on his own. In other words, the presence of a proxy is not mandatory.

Sample general power of attorney

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Answers to the most frequent questions:

The legal term "general power of attorney" does not exist, but historically, an ordinary power of attorney provides for a limited range of powers (for example, only for driving a car), and a general power of attorney for a wide range (management, purchase, sale, departure of a car abroad, driving, customs clearance... etc.).

It is necessary for the car owner to issue a new power of attorney.

First, the power of attorney is not extended, because when it is issued, the term for which it is issued is indicated, and the procedure for extending it is not provided for by law. Secondly, the notary certifies the signature of the car owner, accordingly, if the owner does not sign the new power of attorney, then there is nothing to certify. Thus, it is impossible to certify a power of attorney without the signature of the owner of the car.

It is necessary to understand that the power of attorney does not transfer the right of ownership, but only gives the right to use the car within the limits of the powers specified in the power of attorney. In the event of the owner's death, his relatives or those persons to whom the owner left a will enter into the rights. Thus, in the event of the death of the car owner, you should contact his heirs.

Any purchase of property is formalized by a sales contract. A power of attorney is not a document that can replace a sales contract. The so-called "purchase of a car by proxy" is nothing more than a means of avoiding the execution of a sales contract, but legally does not allow the buyer to become the owner of the car.

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