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Gift contract, gift of real estate

Deed of Gift

Deed of Gift is a document that specifies the transfer of ownership from the donor to the recipient without any payment or exchange. The transfer of real estate from the donor to the donee can be made immediately or at some point in the future, subject to certain conditions. In addition, the donor undertakes to transfer the asset free of charge. You can donate only what is owned, not rented. The donation contract is concluded in writing and certified by a notary.

Terms of donation

Donation of an apartment or its part depends on the form of ownership. If the real estate is jointly owned and the shares of the individual owners are determined, you can gift a part without the consent of the other owners. But if the real estate is jointly owned, but the exact shares of the owners are not established, then the consent of all other owners will be required to transfer a part as a gift.
If the apartment is jointly owned by the spouses, then the consent of one of the spouses is required for its transfer.

Notary certificate

The donation contract must be notarized and valid only when the donor or the recipient or the donated property are registered in the same city.
So, if the contract provides for the donation of an apartment, house or other real estate when one of the parties is registered in Kyiv or the real estate itself is located in Kyiv, then the transaction can take place in Kyiv.


There is no need to pay tax if you give a gift to close family members. These include children, parents and spouses, as well as brothers and sisters, grandchildren, grandparents. A real estate appraisal is not mandatory before the transaction is completed.

Answers to the most frequent questions:

In order to register the apartment donation agreement, you need to provide your passport, taxpayer identification number (TIN) and real estate documents. In addition, the written consent of your partner and proof of family ties between the donor and the recipient are required.

If several people own the apartment jointly, they can apply to a notary public to establish an agreement on what share belongs to each of them.

It is possible to draw up an agreement, which will provide that the recipient will take all necessary measures in relation to the persons who are registered in the donated apartment.

A gift for an apartment can be obtained through a notary. The person who donates must be the owner of the real estate. You can contact a notary, which is located either at the place of residence of the donor or at the location of the apartment. You need to have your passport, TIN and relevant documents for the apartment with you.

The value of the gift for real estate

The total amount of the donation depends on the number of people participating in this action. Real estate can be gifted to family members, acquaintances or strangers. Depending on which category the recipient of the real estate belongs to, you will need to pay various taxes and fees. To find out the cost:

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