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Drawing up a will


Will is a document that allows a person to leave clear instructions about what should be done with his property in the event of death.

If the will is drawn up and certified by a notary public, the heirs receive the inheritance in the amounts and proportions specified in the will.

If there is no will, then the heirs can claim the inheritance not according to the will of the testator, but according to the degree of kinship with the deceased.

Making a will early is not something shameful. The will is primarily drawn up so that after the death of the testator there are no disputes between the heirs about the distribution of property.

A will greatly simplifies the acceptance of inheritance, and the testator will be sure of preserving his property and fulfilling his will.

What are the advantages of a will:

  1. Allows you to show concern for loved ones when they are no longer around;
  2. Saves relatives from lawsuits and thereby adds a plus to karma;
  3. It will protect the property from the profit of fraudsters. Values that have been created for years will not fall to random or unworthy people.


The following documents will be required for the execution of a will at a notary public:

  • passport;
  • identification code;
  • a document on the ownership of movable and/or immovable property that will be specified in the will.

Answers to the most frequent questions:

Depends on the goals and strategy. The difference between a will and a gift is that in the case of a will, the heir will receive the right to inherit only after the death of the testator, and in the case of a gift, immediately after the signing of the donation contract. That is, if you have any concerns, then a will is better from a security point of view.

Will consultation

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  • How to make a will so that it is beneficial
  • How to draw up a will so that it is not revoked
  • What are the requirements for the testator
  • Where to submit a will
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