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Permission for the child to travel abroad

Permission for the child to travel abroad

Permission (power of attorney, consent) for the child to travel abroad, a mandatory document for all minor children who cross the border with only one parent or without parents at all (with third parties).

Consent for the child's departure is drawn up on behalf of the parent(s) who does not accompany the child on the trip abroad, by certifying the signature.


The following documents will be required to issue a child's entry permit:

  • passport of father/parents
  • identification number (inn)
  • child's birth certificate

The validity period of the child's exit permit

In accordance with the legislation, the permit is issued for one trip, but the notary will help you choose a version of the document that will optimize the need to contact a notary.

Answers to the most frequent questions:

Considering the fact that the notary certifies and places the notary's seal on the handwritten signature of the person giving permission, it is technologically impossible to do this online. Therefore, the direct presence of the father or parents who give permission for the child to go abroad is necessary.

Yes, permission is required before the child comes of age, even if the parents are divorced. A permit will not be required if the father is a foreigner, or if the father/mother is single, or if there is a court order, and in some other cases.
You can find out more by calling the notary.

The application of the father who gives permission for the child to leave can be certified in the country where he is located either at a local notary or at the local consulate of Ukraine, and then handed over or forwarded by mail to the person who will accompany the child on a trip abroad.

The cost of a child's exit permit

The cost of issuing a permit for a child to travel abroad depends on the following parameters:

  1. The period for which the child goes abroad
  2. The country (countries) to which the child is leaving
  3. Who accompanies the child on the trip

To find out the price for issuing a permit for a child to travel abroad, please use this form:

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